Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Cold Wars 2019

Glen Shiel 1719:

On Saturday night I ran the battle of Glen Shiel 1719.  The theme for the convention was mountain warfare, so this was one battle that I thought would work great with that theme.  I modified the new rule system from Osprey, Rebels and Patriots, which was very easy for the players to pick up.  

The game was slotted for 6 players at 5pm.  I had one player show up at 4pm, while I was setting up, and he thought the game was starting then.  I told him the game was scheduled for 5pm, and he showed me his ticket which indeed said 4pm.  So, I started to get nervous.  I quickly ran over to the event coordination desk to check on the start time, and the other tickets there said 5pm.  So, I guess there was a little burp in the system.  I had three ticket holders show up, and then I filled the other three slots with club members... and their children.

The game went well and everyone had fun.  The rule system is definitely simple enough for even novice gamers.  Sadly, my only complaint is that I didn't see a single judge walking past the game, so no chance for an award from HMGS.  

Ringgold Gap 1863:

The other game my club ran was on Friday morning.  Kaleb, the game master, had chosen a mountain battle to fit with the convention theme.  This was a large game, with very rough and steep terrain for the Union army to overcome, but that did not deter the Union players.  They went right in and the action was intense. 

We used the rules  Regimental Fire and Fury, which has its own cult following at HMGS East conventions.  Most of the players were familiar with the system, so we were able to keep the game moving at a good pace.

Other Games: