Sunday, October 18, 2009

Winter War action 2 October 2009

This Friday night pitted the Soviet juggernaut versus the vastly underestimated Finns. While the majority of the Winter War consisted of the soviets launching their overwhelming numbers against the thinly spread Finnish defenders, this night was meant to be the complete opposite. The Finns had the uncanny ability of bottling up overzealous advancing Soviet divisions and then slowly chopping them up and eliminating them. In this scenario, we have the Finns conducting one of their "motti" attacks with the objective of crushing the defenders. While the Soviets were outnumbered, the Russian soldier had a knack of being a very fierce defender; and tonight was no different. Although the Soviets allowed the Finns to achieve a slight victory, they did inflict heavy casualties on their attackers, who can certainly not afford the losses they received.

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