Friday, November 25, 2011


Last Saturday the crew got together for an "All Day Game Fest". The first game was a WWII aerial game run by Phil D'Amato using the popular Check Your 6! rule system. All of the players were familiar with the rules so the game was finished within little over an hour. Chris and Ray commanded the allied planes, while Phil and I commanded the Germans.

The game was a scenario called "Intercept the Nachtjaeger" which is from the Check Your 6! scenario book, Breaking the Luftwaffe. A group of Do-217 German nightfighters were activated to intercept an 8th AF bombing mission. The Dorniers were themselves intercepted by escorting P-38s well before contact with the bombers.

The US fighters first pass was unsuccessful in getting any hits. The Do-217s decided to put the throttle to the wall and head toward the west board edge. Bf-109s who were escorting the nightfighters swung into action after the Americans.

One P-38 takes a hit on its airframe but it continues the attack. The Americans press their attack but can't manuever for good shot. The Bf-109s are causing some confusion among the US planes which allow the nightfighters to move closer to the board edge.

The P-38s get by the escorting Bf-109s and get some hits on the Do-217s. The Dorniers prove to be well built and shrug off the hits.

Finally, the Americans shoot one of the nightfighters down. The other Do-217s manage to escape. The German escorts decide they had had enough and break off. The Germans pulled out a close victory in an exciting fur ball over the Third Reich.

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