Monday, December 21, 2009

Snowed In!

Last Saturday Old Man Winter dumped about 8" of snow on Southern Pennsylvania, threatening to ruin our club's all day gaming extravaganza. Defiantly, we had 8 members show up, and we ended up gaming from 10am until 3am the following morning. We had lots of great food and beer, and had a blast being snowed in.

Game 1: ACW Naval, using homebrew rules entitled Scurvy for You.
A fictitious scenario taking place in a bay somewhere down South. The Union fleet, consisting of 8 gunships and 8 mortar schooners, entered the harbor with the objective of silencing the shore batteries lining the harbor, as well as destroying the small harbor town. For this scenario the GM (Chris) used a point system to determine the winner. As the battle wore on it became apparent that the Confederates achieved a clear victory, knocking out many of the main Union ships. The Yanks had made the mistake of engaging the forts immediately without waiting for the mortars to soften them up.

The Union fleet enters the harbor:
The USS Paul Jones:
The Southern harbor town with a blockade runner getting under steam:
The USS Hartford engages the main Confederate fort at close range:
The Hartford on fire!:
To avoid being rammed on their sides, the USS Paul Jones and Sassacus turn into the enemy:
The CSS Tennesse and Union Monitors entering the fray:
Confederate tugs attack the USS Canonicus:
Game 2: French and Indian War, using 'Brother Against Brother' rules.
I ran the second game, and the scenario was a simple meeting engagement between British and French forces along with their colonial and native auxiliaries. We had about 300 troops on the board and the game lasted about three hours. While the French had the upper hand for most of the game, the Brits and Americans were able to turn it around in the last couple of turns as the French attacks ground to a halt.
French Line and Canadian Militia moving through the farm area:

American Rangers, backed up by British Lights, take cover on a rocky hill:
Courier D'Bois take up a position on an opposite hill and load their rifles:
A company of British regulars open fire on the French:

British Line and American Provincials:
British Lights open fire on some advancing French Marines:
Natives rush the stonewall trying to outflank the Americans around the farmhouse:
Game 3: WWII Aerial, using 'Check Your Six!' rules.
Phil ran the third game in which we continued our Guadalcanal campaign we have been playing since October. The game was from the Cactus Airforce scenario book. The IJN decided it wanted to finally get the carrier battle it wanted off the Solomons. The Carrier Ryujo was bait for the US carriers. The first phase of that battle was a diversionary attack on Henderson Field. Before the carrier battle, the Ryujo sent its planes to attack Henderson Field. A strike of 5 Kate bombers with 8 Zero escorts was intercepted by 6 wildcats from Henderson Field.
Me and Ray- Banzai!!!:

Little Fritz surveys the battle:

The Gang:
The end of the game. A Japanese victory!:
The view outside of the attic window:
Finally, we finished off the day with a late night game of Zombies!!! Ray picked up the game from Cotton Jim's Flags at Fall-In last November and this was the second time we played. It's a lot of fun, and even my wife loves it.
All of the players start out in the town square, and then each player puts out a connecting block on their turn. Each block consists of a building that houses ammo, health, and Zombies! The objective is to either kill 25 Zombies or be the first one to make it to the helipad. The event cards that are dealt out to each player are really neat in how they add to the game, and the gruesome artwork on the card itself.
A great day of gaming. Enjoy the holidays! And we'll see you all next year.

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