Sunday, February 21, 2010

Napoleonics: Age of Eagles

This past Saturday, Darren brought his Napoleonic troops over and we played a game using Age of Eagles rules (Fire and Fury for Napoleonics). This was not a historical scenario, as we had an odd mix of Allied armies involved. I set up the table before the players arrived and roped off the set up zones. Scott, commanding the Austrian Army, set up first in the center behind some field works. Then the French set up opposite him. Phil commanded the center, Chris the left, and Darren the right (on the other side of the stream). Finally, Ray and I set up our armies in the area along the far edge of the table. Ray commanded the Brunswickers and Landwehr, and I commanded the British.

View from the French center and left flank:
British and German troops advance:

The French right fords the stream:
A Brigade of Brunswick cavalry charges head long into the approaching French Cavalry:
The Allied Army:
The French center and left hold position, waiting to see how the battle develops on the right:
An Austrian battery on the hill:
The French commander orders the center to begin the advance:

French divisions push their way into the Austrian position:
With the situation in the center going from bad to worse, I decided to pull back some of my British dragoons and send them to aid the Austrians. Seeing this, the French Cavalry that had been facing me, finally moved forward towards my position:
After my remaining dragoons were driven off, I moved my infantry brigades forward to drive off the enemy cavalry with superior fire power:
French infantry moves forward to support the cavalry:
A couple of turns later, the battle had ended. While the French had originally planned to break through on the right and roll up the Allies, the German Infantry held their ground. The fight on the left didn't start until late in the game, but the French commander was successful in keeping my Brits in place so they couldn't influence the rest of the battle. The Austrians in the center failed to hold their position. Phil beat Scott in almost every melee die roll off. We all had a blast, and I can't wait to play again.


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