Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cold Wars 2010

This past weekend, several members of our club traveled down to Lancaster, PA for HMGS East's 'Cold Wars' miniature convention. Below are some pics I took while I was walking around the Convention Hall.

Burnside's Bridge- Union troops trying to cross Antietam Creek:Sioux warriors vs. U.S. cavalry:
Tarawa, 1943- WWII Pacific Theatre:
Katzbach, 1813- Napoleonics:
Alesia- Romans vs. Gauls:
Some more Napoleonics:
A large Wild West game:
Great War Aerial:
Battle of Hoth- Star Wars game:
Gettysburg- First Day's fight around the Railroad Cut and the Lutheran Seminary:
More pics to follow, plus After Action Reports of our club games at Cold Wars.

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