Monday, March 1, 2010

Breakthrough to Vicksburg

Last Friday the crew got together to play some ACW Naval. All of the games we played up until now had been coastal actions. So, we decided it was time to break out the river fleets. The scenario was fictitious, taking place somewhere on the Mississippi. Two Confederate Ironclads, the CSS Arkansas and the CSS Tennessee (the original one), are heading down river to attack the Union fleet at Vicksburg. The original Tennessee, the Arkansas' sister ship, was never completed, and was burned by the Confederates to prevent her capture. For this scenario, we assumed that she was finished and outfitted with guns. We used the ship model for the later, and more remembered, CSS Tennessee of Mobile Bay fame.

Upon learning of the enemies approach, Farragut orders several ships from the Army's river flotilla to intercept the Confederates before they reach the main Union fleet.
Here, three City Class Ironclads (Pook Turtles) and the USS Essex steam upriver:
The enemy is spotted! Confederate Cottonclad Rams, Tugs, and Maury Gunboats move around a small island and approach the Union flotilla:
The Confederate Rams move quickly toward the center of the Union Ironclads, driving a wedge into their formation. An early hit on the Essex damages the stack and slows down the behemoth:
Union Tinclads, Timberclads, and Ellet Rams move up to help the Ironclads:
The Cottonclads ram the USS Cairo but do little damage:
Point blank range, rams, and accidental collisions turn the battle into chaos:
Union Tinclad and Ellet Ram:

The Tennesse and Carondelet scrape by each other firing broadsides:
The Tennessee on fire:
The Cincinnatti (in the center) becomes a burning hulk as the crew abandons ship:
The Tennessee is forced to surrender, and the Arkansas makes a dash to escape. The remaining Union ships turn to pursue. The USS Lioness closes quickly and rams the Arkansas:
After the other Union ships caught up to the Arkansas, they completed her destruction, and the Confederates lost the battle. The Union conquered victorious!

See everyone at Cold Wars!

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