Saturday, June 26, 2010

Attack on Fort Blackwood

A couple of weeks ago, four of us got together to play a French and Indian War game at my place. The miniatures are all 25 mm, mostly from Old Glory's F&I range, with some Conquest and Dixon miniatures mixed in. The rules are Brother Against Brother, modified for F&I.

The Scenario:

During the Winter months, the British army began construction of several outposts reaching far into French territory with the plan of obstructing trade routes along the lakes. Fort Blackwood is one of these posts. As the Spring campaigning season begins, the French launch attacks against several of the outposts in an effort to drive out the British.

French Commander:
You are tasked with the capture of Fort Blackwood. You have at your disposal Sixty Native Warriors, Twenty Troupes de la Marine, and Ten Courier De Bois. You may position your troops anywhere in the woods across from the fort. There are reinforcements consisting of Forty French Regulars marching to aid in the assault, but they have not yet reached the field. You must attack the fort before the British can reinforce their position with additional troops.

British Commander:
You are in command of a small outpost that is under construction. Because the fort is still incomplete, you have thrown up breastworks to cover the opening. Your garrison consists of Fifty American Militia, Twenty British Regulars, and Two 3 pd. Artillery pieces. Across the lake is a small encampment of Twenty British Light Infantrymen and Ten Rangers. They are ready to come to your aid if your guns fire a distress shot.

Fort Blackwood (under construction):
Warned by native scouts that the French are in the area, the British commander sends out pickets to alert the garrison as the enemy approach. After a quiet morning has passed, the sound of musket fire is soon heard in the distance. Minutes later, the pickets break from the woodline heading towards the protection of the fort. The enemy has arrived!
The British commander wastes no time and fires a signal shot in the direction of the lake. The British encampment on the other side is alerted that Fort Blackwood is under attack.
French Marines and Native Warriors assemble along the edge of the woods, ready to begin their assault.
The American Militia mans the defenses. The British Regulars are held back in reserve, ready to plug any gaps in the line.
As the battle begins, one of the Native leaders draws a Charge! card and dashes out of the woods with his warriors, but a bad movement roll leaves them sitting out in the open. However, a Militia unit manning the breastworks also pulls a Charge! card and runs out to meet the enemy. The two units clash and surprisingly the Militia win the melee.
Then another group of warriors pull the Charge! card and move out to help their comrades. As they run across the clearing, the Militia open fire.

From the woods, the Courier De Bois open fire with their rifles. They start picking off the Militiamen on top of the palisade.
Realizing he may be loosing control of his Natives, the French commander orders the entire assault force to advance. Natives and Marines spring from the woods.

The British Regulars move forward to protect the flank.
Native Warriors charge across the breastworks.
Rangers arrive by canoe and move into a wooded area on the side of the fort. From this position, their rifles will be able to play havoc on the attacking French.
A squad of British Light Infantry disembarks from their boat and quickly moves up toward the opening where the enemy are about to pour through.
The artillery is brought down off the parapet and loaded with canister.
The enemy is in the fort! The Militia turn and prepare to fire.
The British Lights push back the Natives coming in on the flank, and the Rangers fire into the fleeing enemy. The lone British color guard stands defiant in the center.
As the natives and Marines fall back to the safety of the woods, the French regulars finally arrive, and form up for an attack.
The British commander scrambles to prepare his tired men for another attack.


The French Regulars rush through a hail of lead toward the breastworks.
As a melee ensues in the center, the garrison keeps up a steady fire and beats back the French attack. And to make matters worse, British Lights had moved into the woods on the far side of the field and now came up behind them. The French are under fire from all sides.
Realizing all hope for victory is lost, the French commander surrenders to the British commander. For now, Fort Blackwood is safe.

God Save the King!


  1. Great action and pictures. I particularly like your "under construction" fort with the "real" log breastworks. I've been thinking along similar lines for a imagi-FIW game next month.


  2. Really nice game. Great report that flowed like a real story. I like the WIP fort very much as well. Very inspiring for my own games - thanks.