Saturday, July 3, 2010


The Scenario
After a failed attempt at capturing Fort Blackwood (see previous post), the French send forward another column to capture the lone British outpost. This time the attack force consists mainly of steady French Regulars. Hopefully these "Professional" troops can do the job that their Native allies could not.

French Commander:
You have at your disposal one company of Sixty French Regulars, Ten Light Infantry, and Two pieces of Artillery, as well as an auxiliary force consisting of Twenty Troupes de la Marine and Ten Courier de Bois. Your mission is to march on Fort Blackwood and capture it!

British Commander:
You must try to prevent the French attack column from reaching Fort Blackwood. You have set up an ambush in a wooded area along their approach. Your force consists of Twenty British Light Infantry, Ten Rangers, Ten American Militia, and Sixty Native Warriors.

The French Column marches forward on a hot summer day. The Captain in front checks his map to make sure they are going in the right direction!
British and American troops, along with their Native allies, watch silently from the dark woods as the French march past.

Suddenly, a couple of Warriors move into the clearing and let out a 'War Whoop!'

The French column halts. Officers bellow out orders and have their men front towards the woods.
French platoons hold the ranks and move off the road as groups of Natives rush towards them.
The British Lights advance as the Courier de Bois at the rear open fire.
The first melee: the Natives wipe out a squad of French Regulars and collect their scalps!
British Lights open fire.
A French Captain directs the fire of his platoon.
The heat of battle! The French artillery crews load their guns with canister.
The Brits and Natives close in.
Volley Fire!
French Lights move forward.
The guns unload canister into the on-coming Americans, mowing them down before they can close.
The French troops in the rear of the column continue to hold the line.
British Lights Forward!
They capture the guns and take cover behind them.
While the front of the French column was decimated, the units in the rear were able to stand fast. The British Lights, realizing that they were the only remaining force on the field, make a slow withdrawal.
With the hot Sun beaming down on them, the French rally and let out a cheer as the remaining enemy dissolve into the woods.

Vive La France!

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