Monday, December 27, 2010

Camp Raid

Rules: Brother Against Brother
Miniatures: 25mm Old Glory, Conquest, and Dixon
Scenario: Modified ACW scenario from the rule book

The Scenario:

The British continue to strengthen their position along the lakes, and the French are having a hard time driving them out. After several attacks against these outposts fail, the French commander decides to go after the enemy supply system.

French Commander:
You have at your disposal one company of 60 French Regulars, 20 Troupes de la Marines, and 40 Native Warriors. Your mission is to move with all haste in destroying the British supply camp before American reinforcements can arrive.

British Commander:
Your Pickets have alerted you that the enemy is approaching. Your tiny garrison consists of only 20 British Regulars and 20 Light Infantry. However, a runner has been sent to an American Provincial camp down the road with a message to come to your aid.

Looking from South to North (the French would be entering from the West and North):
The French objective would be to destroy the artillery park, the munitions tent, as well as the powder kegs to the rear of the tent. They would then have to exit via the road to the North. The British players also had to select two buildings to house their arms cache. The two buildings to right of the road were chosen by the players.

The Brits were allowed to set up three of their squads on the board, and have one squad hidden. The players elected to post the hidden squad in the center along a stone wall. The Redcoats also threw up some hastily built breastworks to block the roads.

French Regulars and Natives quickly move toward what they think is the unprotected center, when suddenly a line of British Lights springs up from behind a wall and open fire.
Marines move quietly through the fields to the North of the camp.
Light Infantry open fire at an advancing line of French Regulars and completely annihilate them.
The French weight in numbers proves too much for the British defenders and the outer perimeter is overrun. As they reach the buildings, the French search them and find everything from armed civilians, prisoners of war, and stockpiles of weapons. After clearing the buildings, they are put to the torch.

With everything seemingly going well for the French, they turn to see that a platoon of American Provincials is marching onto the field and blocking their escape route.
The Marines approach the powder kegs when they are suddenly stopped by fire from their rear.

The Marines find themselves surrounded by the enemy. However, the Provincials, in an attempt to outflank the Marines, expose their flank to some French troops to their right.

On the left flank, the British finally break and retreat off the field. As the Regulars and civilians flee down the road, a small group of Grenadiers covers the retreat.
Natives rush in to destroy the artillery park.
Natives push back the remaining Provincials to clear the escape route.
After destroying the guns, the warriors prepare to destroy the munitions tent.
While the exit road is momentarily cleared, it is once again blocked with the arrival of some American Militia.
The final objective is destroyed: Ka-Boom!!!

End Game:
While we ran out of time to finish the game, we decided in the end to give the French a minor victory. While they had destroyed the entire camp, they had already taken heavy casualties and still had to exit off the board via the Northern road, which was now blocked by the American Militia. Who knows if they would have made it. Perhaps we can revisit this game at a convention in the future.

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  1. Very nice write up and pictures. Looks like a really fun time for all.