Sunday, July 17, 2011

Historicon 2011: Club Games

Our club ran several games at the con. Phil hosted a couple of Check Your 6! games, Kaleb ran a ACW game for the battle of Big Bethel using Regimental Fire & Fury, and Chris and Ray each ran an ACW naval game using our home brew set of rules. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to take any pics of Phil's or Kaleb's games. Below are some pics of the naval action.

Ray (in orange) explains his scenario to the players:

A squadron of powerful Union gunboats are closing in on a Southern port town in hopes of destroying an enemy ironclad.
Union monitors steam ahead and engage enemy shore batteries:
A Confederate squadron of armed tugs and paddlewheel gunboats come to the aid of the ironclad:
The Union ships pounded the Confederate ironclad, and although the shots did little with penetrating the armor, a lucky hit destroyed the ship's propulsion making it dead in the water. A brave captain on a rebel tug rammed the large Union sloop and sunk her with a lucky roll. It was too little too late however, as the monitors closed in on the Confederate ironclad and finished her off.

The second game was run by Chris. A Union blockading squadron was tasked with capturing a Southern Harbor. The Confederates had a couple of surprises waiting for them though, one of which was a hidden mine field.

The beginning of the game was not going well for the Union players. Some of the Captains may have been demoted after the battle as there were several accidental collisions.
The fort guns played havoc on one of the sidewheelers by knocking out it's steering, then it's propulsion, and finally setting it on fire.
The flagship isn't able to turn in time to avoid running aground:
Luckily for the Union ships, they never entered the mine field. And the Confederate ironclad became grounded itself making it a stationary target.
The Union players were able to silence the shore batteries and chase off the Confederate squadron, leaving them the opportunity to attack the fort from the rear, which we didn't get to do as the game was called for the Union.

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