Thursday, July 21, 2011

Italy 1943

A few weeks ago a couple of club members got together and played an Italian Theatre WWII game. The rule system we used was Battlefront, which is the WWII game written by the guys over at Fire and Fury Games. It is a nice small game where the squad is the basic unit of troops.

All troops in this game are 15mm, mostly Flames of War figs.
The village is by Miniature Building Authority.
The scenario was a modified scenario off of the Battlefront website.

The Gamemaster was Chris Rothermel, and this AAR is by him as well.

The scenario was a British attack on a German occupied town.

The Brits must break the German lines,

and take the town before the enemy can escape.

This was the 2nd attack on the town.

The 1st attack was a disaster

-British armor could not get past the ditch.

Many fell victim to the accuracy of the German Anti-Tank guns.

The British infantry, with armored support emerge through the woods.

An unsuspecting halftrack drives through a hidden minefield,

with inevitable results.

British infantry and Sherman tanks attempt to outflank the ditch.

Having stalled the British frontal assault,

the Germans fall victim to the attack on their flank.

The ditch becomes a ditch of death.

More tanks and another company of infantry push on to the town…

Where German Anti-tank guns are waiting in ambush.

The last Germans defending the trench die valiantly.

The Shermans destroy both anti-tank guns, but at a high cost.

The Tommies see a platoon of supporting Volkssturm,

and quickly disperse the young boys and old men.

The allied commanders push more troops and Shermans forward to batter the town.

Shermans try to run overrun the German defenders,

but learn that their haste can be dealt with by a few panzerfausts.

“Always with the negative waves, Moriarity!”

A view from the top. A reconnaissance plane surveys the battle.

British infantry root out the last surviving Germans and take them prisoner…

But not all,

a Light Machine Gun Squad looks like it is safe for the time being.

While the Germans put up a tough fight,

the sheer numbers of British troops were overwhelming,

and resulted in a British victory.

I’m sure both sides had a great time playing;

I know I had a blast GMing.

Our Turtle Award recipient was the famous Ray Bishop,

who decided to leave all his rolling abilities at home for this game.

Don’t worry though, he saved them and brought them to our next Napoleonics game.

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  1. Volkssturm? In Italy??

    I think you have to re-evaluate your WW2 history a bit...;)