Friday, July 13, 2012

Cold Wars 2012

Here are some pics I took at Cold Wars last March.  Better late than never!

The game I ran on Thursday night:
Lake Ontario 1815- what if the war had lasted a little longer and the British and Americans finished constructing their Ships-of the-Line?

Prairie Grove- 1862

Looks like some Phil Viverito terrain- always excellent!

Mars? Victorian? Sci-fi? Steampunk? Colonial? ???


Check Your Six!

The War of 1812

A Pete English game.  The battlefield was first used as a 'Red Dawn' type scenario, and was later used for Zombies.

I think this is Richard Heffners' Aerodrome game- which is a staple of any HMGS East Convention

My buddy Phil D'Amato's Check Your Six! game.
Sink the Bismarck!

Klobb ran a club game using the new Regimental Fire and Fury rules.

Collier playing his nerdy laser and mirror game- by himself.
Nice shirt though- Appalachian Brewing Company!
Another 1812 game.  When the battle got going, the game master put out the new flashing light volley doohickeys from Warlord Games.  And it looked AWESOME!

Pride of Lions- Splintered Light miniatures.

I think a big Napoleonics game.
Another club game run by Redarm (Chris).
Helena, Arkansas-1863


The Cornfield- Antietam

More 1812

Gnome Wars

And yet more 1812 (it was the theme).  Small table, but beautiful terrain and troops.

Yes- more 1812!
Middle East something?  Possibly Ambush Alley rules.
Big ships- enough said.

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