Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pennsylvania Pete and The Heart of Ra

In 1922 Howard Carter found the tomb of Tutankhamun.  At the same time a little known archeologist named Pennsylvania Pete discovered the tomb of King Tut’s brother, Two Ton Common.  Pennsylvania Pete led a group of archeologists and porters into the uncharted tomb.  

In the opening hallway, the team disturbs a group of mummies.

 Mary Rothchild, the leading Egyptologist of the group, discovers a parchment that states the Heart of Ra may be in this tomb.

The team decides to split up and explore the vast tomb network.

Pennsy, as he is known to his friends, hates snakes and is frozen in fear when he encounters a cobra.  His friend Jabbar Abdul Karim jumps into the fight.

Jeet Hada and Hassim stir up some tomb guards as they past the Hall of Mummies.

The party walks into a vast room of wonders.

 Snakes!!!!  I hate snakes……

Malcolm Crabtree starts to fight the cobra.

But Malcolm has a yellow streak in him and takes off in fright!!!!

The team reaches the tomb of Two Ton Common.

 A final clue leads to a secret chamber….and the owner of the Heart of Ra.

The mummy is vanquished.  Behold the Heart of Ra in Pennsylvania Pete’s hands.  Now can we get out of here?

 As the adventurers make their way out, they are confronted by the Fez Head Guardians.  Hassim falls in a hail of bullets.

 Pennsy and company get past the Fez Heads and now the tomb entrance is in sight.  But what kind of Pennsylvania Pete adventure would this be without his arch-enemies?  Nazis!!!  Pennsy hates those guys!!!

The group trounces the Nazis and makes their way out of the tomb to fame and fortune.  Stay tuned for more adventures of Pennsylvania Pete.


  1. Very nice pictures and story...unusual and great work!

  2. Nice AAR! Looks like it was a fun game!

  3. The game was fun! Had lots of twists and turns with unexpected chuckles along the way